SOS: There’s No Dunks in Frankfurt

Landed around 1 a.m. EST in the Frankfurt Airport, so about 7 a.m. local time. Despite being a New York snob, I found myself wanting nothing more than a medium iced mocha coffee from Dunkin’ Donuts…of which there are exactly zero in the Frankfurt Airport. It’s funny, but I haven’t been to Europe since I was in middle school and for some reason in my head, I thought there would be tourism police like in South Korea. (There isn’t, to my knowledge.) But there is way more English than I remember there being in either the Tokyo or Seoul airports, so that’s a plus.

Immediate observations:

  • None of the foreigners can figure out the hand dryers here, myself included.
  • I’m really glad I listened to Carlene (and my mom) and exchanged currency before arriving, as I watched an American girl pay for a $9 coffee and pastry with a $100 bill.
  • I’m gonna crash so hard when I arrive in Greece and can’t wait for these scratchy sheets everyone’s been talking about in their blogs.
  • I’m really so glad my brother is on the West Coast (and thus still awake at this hour) and able to chat with me because most of our childhood vacations comprised of the two of us playing make believe games upon a backdrop of European museums and cultural sights.
    Screen Shot 2017-05-12 at 8.25.28 AM
    Caleb and I in Italy, circa 2000

    It’s going to be weird not traveling with my family, my consistent travel partners for every major trip I’ve been on. I’m excited to be on my own more or less, but it is a little sad to not be with them.

  • I think I hit my limit of watching CNN panel conversations hash out and re-hash Trump’s interview with Lester Holt. Which is to say, about 5 hours straight of it.

Anyhow, I’ll most likely post again tonight when I get settled into my room with Bridget and can take some photos of Thessaloniki.


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