Athens, Take Two

I didn’t realize how much I’d missed the subway till I got on the train today to return to the hotel from an interview with Suma.

In Thessaloniki, we rarely rode the public bus due to the bus strike, so I was used to taking cabs everywhere. Even in Boston, I avoid the bus when I can. I just don’t know it as well and far too frequently miss my stop. Which I did today, on my way to the interview, much to my frustration.

But overall, day two in Athens went well! After a brief tour of the neighborhood with our handler Theo, I wandered a flea market with Bridget and Cody, in search of gelato for breakfast. After, Bridget and I stopped at a leather goods store and each got a purse at a significant discount, thanks to Bridget’s expert haggling skills. I personally hate haggling, as I hate shopping, but I can’t resist beautiful leather. And my trusty Il Bisonte bag (a handmedown from my mother) has torn. It’ll take some time to break this bag in, but in no time it’ll be as soft as the twenty year old one I’ve been stuffing with maps and zoom recorders.

Cody even found a guitar shop, where he bought himself an acoustic guitar! Cooler still was this creation, which the guys at the shop called a Slideboard Guitar.

How cool is this Sideboard?//Ellie Williams

Plus, at the suggestion of Suma, I finally got to eat something other than Greek food! Nothing against the Greeks, but I needed a break. Back home, I eat a lot of Asian food, but when we go out to eat, there’s always a million options. In Thessaloniki, we ate a lot of gyros. Like every single day. It’s kind of gross now that I think about it. I probably ate more mustard in those two weeks than I have in the rest of my life. But today was such a welcome break to the endless pita!

The one downside so far–and this isn’t Athens so much as our hotel–is that the wifi is abysmal. I thought it was bad in Thessaloniki, but at least it worked with some haste. I’ve been uploading the same 4 minute video to YouTube for about 8 hours and it’s only at 9%. It’s going to be a long night.


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