I’m Ellie Williams, a graduating journalism student at Northeastern University in Boston. 13892372_10210567106832529_430023559760151575_nI’ll be heading to Greece on May 8, 2017 as part of a Northeastern University reporting dialogue with professors Carlene Hempel and Mike Beaudet. While there, we’ll be reporting on Greek culture as well as the refugee crisis. My primary interest is broadcast journalism, so expect plenty of videos! On the lighter side, I love hiking and camping, so I’m excited for some of our more outdoorsy excursions in Greece!

In my spare time, I play rugby, do some social justice work concerning the Asian American and queer communities (with a focus on intersectionality between the two), and geek out about video games and mediocre sci-fi shows. My work has been published by outlets like the Huffington PostWGBH and WCVB. You can find me on Twitter as well!

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