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VIDEO: The state of healthcare for refugee women and children

Video by Ellie Williams ·

ATHENS, Greece – Tucked between cafes at the edge of Platia Viktoria in Athens, the Amurtel Center for Refugee Women and Babies has been providing free prenatal and postnatal care for refugee and migrant women in its specialized center since October 2016. Its staff and patrons call it the calmest place in the entire city. But now, a lack of funding threatens the safe haven.


Chios pt. I

Chios is a beautiful island, harboring such deep pain. I am, as I sit here attempting to process this, numb. Here, you can see both the worst parts and the best parts of humanity. A warning though, this post will discuss suicide, perhaps ad nauseam. If you need to stop reading, I understand.  Continue reading “Chios pt. I”