Final Story Is Live!

VIDEO: The state of healthcare for refugee women and children

Video by Ellie Williams ·

ATHENS, Greece – Tucked between cafes at the edge of Platia Viktoria in Athens, the Amurtel Center for Refugee Women and Babies has been providing free prenatal and postnatal care for refugee and migrant women in its specialized center since October 2016. Its staff and patrons call it the calmest place in the entire city. But now, a lack of funding threatens the safe haven.


Markets, Tiny Doors, & More

It’s only day 2 in Thessaloniki and somehow I feel like I’ve been here for longer. I popped out for breakfast with Brandon, Bridget, and Cody where we came across an open-air market, which I later returned to with Olivia and Paxtyn. More or less divided by blocks, the market began with clothing and quickly turned into fruits and fish. Personally, I love fish markets–it’s not every day in the U.S. that you can find whole uncleaned fish!

This afternoon, we went for a walking tour of the Old City and wound up traversing what I think was the same hill repeatedly in the search of ice cream. While we didn’t find any ice cream, we did see an incredible amount of street art and architecture that I fell in love with. Meanwhile, Cody was larger than a door.

Plus, I made sure to document our meal tonight: stuffed grape leaves and linguine with fresh mussels, plus Alexa’s grilled octopus. Tomorrow we’re rising early for a winery tour and a trip to the beach!